Children's Plastic Surgery Program How to save the Sunshine Coast from rising COVID-19 costs

How to save the Sunshine Coast from rising COVID-19 costs

The Sunshine Coast’s biggest hospital, Sunrise Pediatric, is closing its doors for good.

The hospital is one of four South Australian hospitals that has been closing due to COVID outbreak, the other two being Southport Pediatric and Mount Isa Hospital.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Health Authority (SCRHHA) said the Sunshine Hospital, one of the four regional health authorities in South Australia, has been in operation since the mid-1990s and was the only major hospital in the region to be accredited to meet national guidelines for infection control.

“In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to shut down our Sunshine Hospital,” SCRHHA CEO Michael Rafferty said in a statement.

“This will mean that the Sunshine Hospitals will cease to be able to provide essential services and that staff will be responsible for the care and treatment of patients, regardless of where they are located.”

Sunrise Hospital chief executive David Raffert said the closure was a significant blow to the Sunshine community.

“We’re losing a facility that’s been around for 25 years,” he said.

“There are a lot of staff who have been here for 25 or 30 years.”

And what’s really hard is we know that we’ve been working with the community here and we know we’ve got a long-term commitment to the community and to the staff.

“The closure of the Sunshine hospital comes just weeks after Southport Hospital closed its doors, with the health authority announcing the closure would be permanent.

The Southport closure followed similar closures in Southport, Mount Isa and Mount Albert Hospital.

SCRHMA chief executive Michael Raper said while the Sunshine Health Authority was saddened by the closure, the Sunshine’s hospitals would remain open and capable of providing vital services.”

The Sunshine Hospital has been one of our most successful hospitals and it’s hard to imagine any other hospital in Southland,” Mr Raper added.”

But the closure of Sunshine Hospital is a loss to the region and to our local community.

“We have lost one of Southland’s most iconic hospitals.”

People in the Sunshine will be heartbroken.

“The Sunshine Health Trust will manage the operation of the two hospitals.

Mr Rafferts said the hospitals had been operating for around 30 years, with Sunshine Health in operation for nearly 30 years and Sunshine Hospital for nearly 20 years.