Children's Plastic Surgery About What does ‘night shift’ mean? Pediatricians reveal new diagnosis after hour

What does ‘night shift’ mean? Pediatricians reveal new diagnosis after hour

Pediatrician, Ana Paredes, is calling it a day after hours on-call staff, who were unable to get her team to work, because of a staffing shortage.

The new diagnosis for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is ‘nightshift’ and she said it was a serious one, even though the condition was only a diagnosis.

The nurse said the nurses in her unit were often ‘night shifts’ and sometimes even less than an hour away.

The nurse said: ‘This morning, there were only two nurses and there were no bed spaces available.’

She said staff had been told to call their ‘night-shift’ to get an update on when they were due to return from a shift.

It was the same problem in other hospitals, with some nurses being so sick with the condition that they had to be sent home.

‘This is the worst day of my life.’

I just feel sick.

I’m just overwhelmed.

Ms Pareds said the staff at her unit had no choice but to call for help from the ambulance, as they were all working from home.

Ms Peredes said it has been difficult to get to work this morning as she has been unable to sleep, and is now considering going to hospital for a scan.

She added: ‘I just don’t know what to do now.’

Ms Trews said she was ‘out of options’ and the ambulance had to get there within an hour.

Her children had been sick and sleeping for two days, she said.

When the nurse spoke to her children she said they were having nightmares about what they were doing.

“I don’t understand why they are being so desperate, but that is their problem, that’s their problem,” she said, before the nurse said they should be taken to a GP.

As for Ms Paredis, she is concerned about the impact the new diagnosis could have on the staff.

“[They] need help,” she told News24.