Children's Plastic Surgery Price Two Bay Area families fighting to stay in Rock Hill’s hospital

Two Bay Area families fighting to stay in Rock Hill’s hospital

Two Bay area families fighting for their homes after a state audit found their homes were unsafe to live in have appealed to Gov.

Jerry Brown to help them remain in their homes.

The families of five Rock Hill residents were told their homes could not be demolished or rebuilt after the state auditors found they had inadequate fire safety standards and no sprinkler systems.

In an email to Brown, their attorney, John McArthur, said the state auditor’s findings were “not consistent with the assurances given to the families” and the families are fighting to keep their homes in Rock Hills.

“The governor should have acted quickly and decisively to protect the residents of the Rock Hill community,” McArthur wrote.

The homes of the five residents were built in the early 1980s and were sold for $400,000 to the family in 2013.

The residents have lived in the homes since then.

Rock Hill has a history of mold, which led to the homes being put up for sale in 2015.

It’s a problem that’s not confined to the Bay Area.

In 2016, the state of Oregon said a woman living in a home there died from a health condition that caused her to have pneumonia.

The city of San Jose had similar problems in 2017, and the Bay Bridge in Oakland had a similar mold problem last year.

The owners of the two homes said the audit was the first time the audit had been released.