Children's Plastic Surgery About Piedmont dental job open up for parents in 2018

Piedmont dental job open up for parents in 2018

Piedmonte, Mont.

(AP) A pediatric dentist in Montana will soon be paid $150,000 more than his counterparts in other states.

The pay raise for the top-ranked dental assistant at a preschool in the PiedMONte school district in southern Montana will go into effect on Monday, according to the Pikes Peak National Forest’s executive director.

The $15,000 pay bump will go to the top of the staff of pediatric dentist David Fonseca, who has worked at the preschool for five years.

His salary for 2018 was $120,000.

The PiedMonte school system has more than 1,600 preschools and elementary schools and about 1,000 special education students.

The pay increase is the first for the school district’s top-ranking dental assistant since 2016, when the salary for a top-performing staff member was bumped up by $50,000 to $140,000, according a memo from the district’s chief financial officer.

Fonsecapas salary has been boosted by a bonus of $3,500 a year to $110,000 for five consecutive years.FONSECA’S SALARY AT PIEDMONTE SCHOOL DISTRICT (2016) YEAR TOTAL PEDMONT SALARY 2018 $130,000 $120.00 2019 $120 and $110 2020 $120 2019 $130 2020 $130 FONSECAPAS salary for 2019 was $140k, so his total pay will increase to $145,000 in 2020.

The district will now have a staff of 1,601 pediatric dentists and 2,094 pediatric dental assistants, said district spokesman Kevin Moseley.