Children's Plastic Surgery Program ‘No. 1 pediatric nurse is a lesbian’

‘No. 1 pediatric nurse is a lesbian’

A pediatric nurse who has been openly gay has been appointed to a top position at the hospital that treats transgender children in a Texas nursing home.

The position is the first time a nurse at a Texas hospital has been assigned to the same role at the same time.

The Associated Press is reporting that the new role will be filled by Dr. Jennifer Kavanagh, who was appointed to the position of chief nursing officer by the state of Texas earlier this month.

Kavanah was a clinical nurse associate at Texas Health Presbyterian Medical Center when she was assigned to work in the pediatric department.

A spokesman for the hospital confirmed that Kavanagh is the new chief nursing manager and said the hospital is committed to providing inclusive care.

“We are honored to have Dr. Kavaugh in our family,” said Scott Taylor, the hospital’s director of nursing services.

“She will be instrumental in leading our care of our patients, our staff and our community.”

The hospital’s statement said Kavanags dedication to transgender care is evident in her leadership in the medical and nursing communities.

“Dr. Kavinagh will lead a team of dedicated nurses who will develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for pediatric care for transgender children,” the hospital said.

“The Texas hospital is proud to have a dedicated nurse who shares our commitment to providing safe and inclusive care to our transgender patients.”