Children's Plastic Surgery Program How to Stop the Spread of Pediatric Tuberculosis in Hawaii

How to Stop the Spread of Pediatric Tuberculosis in Hawaii

Posted May 05, 2019 07:22:11 The outbreak of the coronavirus in Hawaii has been an absolute nightmare for many parents.

Many families are struggling to pay for their children’s medications and the medical bills are astronomical.

The state of Hawaii, in spite of being one of the richest and most technologically advanced states in the nation, has had a hard time coping with the epidemic.

In order to ease some of the financial strain, the state has taken some extraordinary measures to help parents and the communities in which they live.

The Hawaii Hospital Association has put together a list of things parents should do to help lessen the impact of this epidemic.


Be prepared to pay a lot more than they are entitled to 2.

Pay for all medications you may need for the illness 3.

Use the online form to schedule appointments for medical tests and appointments with doctors 4.

Pay all bills and medical bills in full 5.

Don’t wait until the crisis is over to pay your bills 6.

Don.t wait until your kids are sick to start asking questions about it 7.

Take your child to the doctor when you feel like it 8.

If you are in a situation where you do not know where your child is or how to reach him or her, contact your health care provider 9.

Keep the family together 10.

Pay bills and take care of your sick child 11.

Take care of yourself and your family in general 12.

Keep your children safe and away from their contagious environment 13.

Donate money to help others with their illness 14.

Be aware of the dangers of not being vaccinated 15.

Keep children at home 16.

Be vigilant about getting vaccinated 17.

Don your personal protective equipment when outdoors 18.

Educate your child about the risks of the illness 19.

Donates money to organizations that assist with this epidemic 20.

Donations to the Hawaii Medical Examiner’s Office can help them keep the public safe 21.

Help support the Hawaii Vaccine Initiative 22.

Share information on the coronabiscuit vaccine campaign 23.

Help the public learn about the coronavalc Virus and the risks 24.

If the virus spreads in your community, consider getting vaccinated 25.

Be patient when it rains and remember that Hawaii is an island 26.

Be ready to leave your home and help protect your home 27.

Keep a close eye on your child’s behavior to make sure she’s not doing anything dangerous 28.

Pay your bills with your own money 29.

Make sure to take care with your children 30.

Make time to make appointments to have tests done for your child 31.

If your child has a medical condition that needs to be taken care of, you may want to consider seeing a doctor 32.

If there are children living with you, help them stay home from school 33.

If someone needs you, do not hesitate to call the police 34.

Do not delay in contacting your health provider 35.

Get your child vaccinated 36.

Donation money can help you keep your home safe 37.

Be sure to call a health care professional if you notice a change in your child or any health problems that needs attention 38.

When you see a health worker, do what you can to keep them from going over the edge 39.

Do your part to make your home safer 40.

Be safe and remember to vaccinate and get your child the vaccination you need 41.

Donor help: Hawaii Hospital Assoc., Inc. | 1-800-424-3268 |