Children's Plastic Surgery Psychology ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ documentary exposes ‘secret’ paedophile ring in NSW

‘Dirty Little Secrets’ documentary exposes ‘secret’ paedophile ring in NSW

A documentary by The Irish Star detailing “dirty little secrets” about a paedophile network in NSW has been screened in Brisbane.

A series of undercover videos produced by the ABC’s The Dirty Little Secrets Project has uncovered the existence of a network of child abuse victims in the northern Sydney suburb of Glenelg, where many are in their early teens.

The program, which aired in Brisbane on Thursday, has shown how the victims were groomed and groomed, forced to watch pornography and were raped and sexually assaulted.

The ABC has learned that the network has operated in Glenelp since 2008, and that the children were groom and groomer to more than one child.

The project has also revealed that the perpetrators have “bonded” with police, the NSW Police Service and other agencies.

The stories of abuse were so disturbing and devastating that it left many of the victims devastated and desperate, said one victim, who was forced to hide her identity.

The Australian Crime Commission is investigating the ABC program.

“It’s a damning indictment of a system that is rife with institutionalised child sexual abuse and a culture of cover-ups, that doesn’t acknowledge that these children were being abused by people who knew who they were and how to groom them,” NSW Police Assistant Commissioner for Children’s Commissioner Michael Phelan said.

“They were groomers who used their position to sexually abuse young people.”

We don’t just find them at a remote part of GlenELP, we find them across NSW, they’re just not hidden away.

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