Children's Plastic Surgery Psychology The Ohio medical school that has lost its funding

The Ohio medical school that has lost its funding

Pediatricians and other medical professionals say the school in northeast Ohio has lost $50 million in its last five years.

The Ohio Medical College System, which includes Columbus and Toledo, is in the middle of a major financial crisis and has a $4.5 billion operating budget.

The hospital system is struggling to pay for care and pay for debt that the state has not made fully meet.

A new state report released Monday said the hospital system has not paid nearly enough on a $400 million debt that it owes the state.

The report, by the state auditor’s office, showed that the hospital has lost about $50.5 million in total revenue since 2003.

That includes $11.7 million from state funding, and $11 million from private donors.

That money is now being spent on paying down debt, not on paying bills, the auditor said.

The auditor said it does not have information on the exact cost of the debt, but said the state could have saved $1.6 million by using private funding.

The university is now working with a private fund to pay the $4 million in debt.

It is also considering borrowing money to cover some of the cost.

The medical center in Columbus had $8.5 millon in debt at the end of 2016, according to a recent audit by the Ohio Office of Financial Management.

The center is the largest in Ohio.

The hospital system said it was in talks with the auditor to come up with a plan to make the payments.

The school is located in a part of town that has seen an increase in violence in recent years, with some reports of gang-related attacks.

The University of Cincinnati-Buckeye, which also runs the Columbus campus, has had trouble attracting students because of the violence.